Hello! My name is Alli.

A lover of big dogs, a person who enjoys running for fun, and someone who values a low-key night of movies and cuddles way more than a night out. Always knowing that I was put on this planet to help others, I received my doctorate in physical therapy and consistently am referred to as the person who “always knows what to say” and who “always makes you feel better” amongst family members and friends.

Growing up, I was an anxious child. At the age of eight, my negative relationship with food and my body began. For the next sixteen years, my disordered eating behaviors progressed from consistent overeating to binge eating to bulimia to anorexia and back again. During that time, I was hospitalized in both medical and mental hospitals due to my debilitating anxiety and seemingly unstoppable destructive mindset resulting in disordered eating habits and body thoughts. My parents had no idea how to help me, and I had no idea how to help myself. I felt so incredibly lost thinking that if I did not look a certain way, I would be shunned; if I did not succeed in all aspects of my life, I was unlovable; and if I did not maintain my willpower to eat a certain way, I was doomed to life of stress and depression.

Finally, as I neared the end of graduate school, I started to see a way out; I started to realize that I could actually feel good in my body and in myself. As soon as I was able to think of myself as recovered, I knew I had found my calling. I aim to guide adolescents and adults to a life of empowerment where they no longer feel alone, hopeless and controlled by their disordered eating behaviors or negative body thoughts. I want to offer support and education to parents so they do not feel as lost in this recovery journey as mine did.  

So let me say it again: Hello! My name is Alli: a big dog lover, a happy runner, a valuer of movies and cuddles. And now a self-caring, supportive individual who now knows her weight does NOT dictate her worth, who no longer exercises to “make up for” the calories ingested the day before, and who respectively allows herself to eat the food her body is asking her for vs what she “should” be eating. If I can become an intuitively empowered being, I KNOW you can too.

Are you struggling to find that light at the end of the tunnel?

Not quite ready to reach out? That's totally okay! 

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